Silly Symphonies

A Vintage Collection of Historic Animation Art

Walt Disney with his first Oscar award

Walt Disney’s Silly Symphony shorts served as a platform for experimenting with processes, techniques, characters and stories to further the art of animation. Among the many innovations developed in the series are Technicolor filmmaking, true and believable character animation, special effects animation and dramatic storytelling in animation. These technical and artistic refinements led to the features for which Disney became famous. 

British film historian Paul Roth wrote, “The Disney Silly Symphony cartoons are the most witty and satisfying productions of modern cinema. Their chief merit lies in their immediate appeal to any type of audience, simply because they are based on rhythm. They have been compared with the early one reelers of Chaplin.”

Disney’s Silly Symphony shorts were widely praised within the film industry, winning seven Academy Awards for Best Short Subject.

The surviving art from the Silly Symphonies is highly collectible from both an historic and artistic point of view. Great American Ink has released this selection of Silly Symphonies art from our archives for a limited time.

28 Item(s)

28 Item(s)