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Great American Ink strives to inspire curiosity and understanding about animation art collecting. Our collection includes works of historical importance and art of outstanding quality. Over the past 25 years we have represented several animators' personal collections of rare art. Our Great American Ink Archives includes work archived from these important collections, which we periodically release for purchase.


Mary Blair

Alice In Wonderland concept art by Mary Blair

Great American Ink has released several historically significant works by the artist Mary Blair from our archives.

James Bodrero

Fantasia original concept pastel by James Bodrero

Original concept pastels from the Pastoral section of Fantasia by James Bodrero.

Eyvind Earle

Sleeping Beauty original concept painting by Eyvind Earle

Rare original concept paintings by Eyvind Earle from Disney's 1959 master piece Sleeping Beauty.

Silly Symphonies

Silly Symphonies Little Hiawatha, 1937

Original production drawings and production cels from the 1929-1939 series of Walt Disney animated shorts.

Bob Singer

pebbles and bam-bam

Original drawings by the longtime Hanna-Barbera artist.

77 Item(s)

77 Item(s)