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You're reviewing: "Tweety Bird" - Termite Terrace II

"Tweety Bird" - Termite Terrace II

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"Tribute to the Stars of Termite Terrace II"
Limited Edition Cel signed by Noel Blanc

Tweety is an animated fictional yellow canary in the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of animated cartoons. His characteristics are based on Red Skelton's famous "Mean Widdle Kid." Tweety appeared in 47 cartoons during the golden age.

Bob Clampett created the character that would become Tweety in the 1942 short A Tale of Two Kitties, pitting him against two hungry cats named Babbit and Catstello (based on the famous comedians Abbott and Costello). On the original model sheet, Tweety was named Orson

Many of Mel Blanc's characters are known for speech impediments, for example, "pussy cat" comes out as "putty tat", later rendered "puddy tat", and "sweetie pie" comes out as "tweetie pie", hence his name.

Clampett began work on a short that would pit Tweety against a then-unnamed, lisping black and white cat created by Friz Freleng in 1945. However, Clampett left the studio before going into full production on the short, and Freleng took on the project. Freleng toned Tweety down and gave him a cuter appearance, including large blue eyes and yellow feathers.

The first short to team Tweety and the cat, later named Sylvester, was 1947's Tweetie Pie, which won Warner Bros its first Academy Award for Best Short Subject (Cartoons).

Sylvester and Tweety proved to be one of the most notable pairings in animation history..

    Created by
  • Bob Clampett (original)
  • Friz Freleng (redesign)
  • Voiced by
  • Mel Blanc (1942–1989)
  • Jeff Bergman (1990–1993, 2011–present)
  • Bob Bergen (1990–present)
  • Greg Burson (1994)
  • Joe Alaskey (1995–2003, 2011)
  • Eric Goldberg (1996–2003)
  • Samuel Vincent (2001–2006)
  • Billy West (2003)
  • Eric Bauza (2018-present)


"Tribute to the Stars of Termite Terrace II"
Limited Edition Cel signed by Noel Blanc

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