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Tribute To The Stars Of Termite Terrace

Exclusive Great American Ink Limited Edition, Numbered In An Edition Of 200

Individually Hand Painted Cel, Facsimile Background

Personally Signed by Chuck Jones


Framed Size 12”X 16”

Legendary animator Tex Avery gave the name, "Termite Terrace," to the temporary headquarters Avery and his animators were assigned to by Leon Schlesinger during Avery’s first year as a Looney Tunes director. Chuck Jones, Friz Freleng and many more now famous animators worked at "Termite Terrace," creating cartoons that have become a part of animation history.

Great American Ink teamed with Chuck Jones and created the 8 images of Tribute To The Stars Of Termite Terrace. Chuck personally signed all the cels. They remain a rare collectible of which only a few are still available.

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